Issues | Life

The Declaration of Independence boldly declares that we are created with the unalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Our Founding Fathers put life first and, as a pro-life conservative, I do too.

I’m an active member of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. I believe that the science is clear—life begins at conception. So, I’ve worked to defend the most vulnerable members of our society, the unborn. Since 1973, the pro-life movement has fought tough battles on the state and federal level. I’ve worked to pass legislation here in Washington and I’ve worked to defend victories that Hoosiers have won at home. 

In early 2011, Indiana passed important legislation to prevent subsidizing abortions with tax dollars. When the Department of Health and Human Services threatened to punish Indiana for its pro-life legislation, I led a bipartisan group of 100 members of Congress in pushing back against the administration’s pro-choice agenda.

I’m a proud cosponsor of numerous bills to permanently end taxpayer funding of abortion and ensure lasting protections for the unborn. I have no doubt that, one day, we will reverse Roe v. Wade and reform a culture that has cheapened human life.